Smart Search finds it fast.

Smart Search is an intelligent tool that will provide up to 100 available domain names based on your domain search. These will include:

  • Related words with the domain extension you searched.
  • Extensions you didn’t specify but that are relevant to your search.
  • Available domains with extensions that match your geographic location.

Your questions, our answers

  • How can I use subdomains to manage my customer’s business?

    Subdomains are a great way to tie together separate aspects of the business. They keep important access links relevant and easy for your client to remember. For example, shop.domain typically points to the shopping cart, which activates the SSL, while admin.domain is a great way to provide backlinks (CSM login, remote login, etc).
  • Is it better for SEO to have multiple domains within a site or one domain with different pages?

    It can work both ways but it’s actually better for SEO if you treat all the pages on a site as a directory into the main domain. So instead of assigning to the parts page of, it’s better to treat it as

    Every iteration of the domain has to start from scratch to gain page rank. So unless you’re willing to wait for SEO to grow slowly over time, avoid subdomains.

  • How do I transfer a domain name to GoDaddy?

    Before you can transfer a domain name from another registrar to us, you must prepare the domain name and purchase the transfer. ICANN regulations prohibit transferring domain names (except .au) that were registered or previously transferred in the last 60 days. More info



  • How do I move a domain name out of my GoDaddy account into my client’s (or vice versa)?

    Assuming you both have GoDaddy accounts, this can be handled from your account dashboard (or your client’s). The account owner who is moving the domain must log into their account, select the domain they’d like to move and choose Begin Account Change. We send the intended recipient an email, which must be acknowledged within 10 days for the move to be successful. Step by step instructions

  • How do I park a domain name?

    Once you buy a domain, log in to your Account Manager, find the domain you want to park and select Set Nameservers from the Nameservers menu. Under Setup type, select Standard or Premium and Save. Go to the DNS Zone File tab for the domain you want to park and click Edit. Change the DNS entry to point to:

  • How do I set Nameservers for my domain names?

    If you registered your name with another domain registrar, you can still purchase a hosting account with us, use our Off-site DNS services or use our CashParking® services. If you do any of those, you must view your nameservers in your account with us, and then set the nameservers with your domain name registrar. Step by step instructions
  • Why should I register more than one domain name for the same client?

    If your client owns you might also want to register and Forward the new domain names to your client’s existing website or use them to create new ones. This increases the odds that new clients will find the website online.
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