Introduction to Domains at GoDaddy: Overview
Lesson 1 (of 25)
What is a Domain Name?
1m 58s
Lesson 2 (of 25)
What is the Difference Between a Domain and a Website?
2m 5s
Lesson 3 (of 25)
Who Manages Domain Names?
2m 17s
Lesson 4 (of 25)
What Types of Domains Are There?
2m 8s
Lesson 5 (of 25)
What is DNS?
1m 24s
Lesson 6 (of 25)
What is a Subdomain?
2m 4s
Lesson 7 (of 25)
Top Tips for Choosing a Great Domain
2m 43s
Lesson 8 (of 25)
Understanding Your Domain Purchase and Renewal Options
2m 31s
Lesson 9 (of 25)
How is Domain Ownership Determined?
3m 1s
Lesson 10 (of 25)
What is a Premium Domain?
1m 50s
Lesson 11 (of 25)
How to Register Your Domain at GoDaddy
3m 44s
Lesson 12 (of 25)
What to Do if My Domain Name Is Taken?
4m 12s
Lesson 13 (of 25)
Using Your Domain for Your Business
2m 9s
Lesson 14 (of 25)
Connecting Your Domain to an Email Account
2m 27s
Lesson 15 (of 25)
Connecting Your Domain to a Websites + Marketing Site
1m 50s
Lesson 16 (of 25)
How to Connect Your Domain to a Managed WordPress Website
1m 46s
Lesson 17 (of 25)
Should You Use a 301 Redirect or a 302?
1m 41s
Lesson 18 (of 25)
Forwarding Your Domain
3m 9s
Lesson 19 (of 25)
Should You Use Domain Forwarding or Forwarding with Masking
2m 51s
Lesson 20 (of 25)
How to Organize Your Domain Portfolio
2m 30s
Lesson 21 (of 25)
Exploring the Domain Settings Page
2m 54s
Lesson 22 (of 25)
Updating Contact Information for Your Domain
2m 52s
Lesson 23 (of 25)
Managing Domain Renewals and Avoiding Expirations
2m 44s
Lesson 24 (of 25)
How to Change Domain Nameservers
1m 16s
Lesson 25 (of 25)
How to Sell Your GoDaddy Domain
4m 14s
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Who Manages Domain Names?

In this video, we'll introduce you to:
  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
  • The relationship between ICANN, registrars, and registrants

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