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WordPress: Email signup forms

You can add an email marketing signup form to your WordPress site, with the GoDaddy Email Marketing Signup Forms plugin. Your form will match your site theme, and be connected to your GoDaddy Email Marketing account. You can choose from an existing form in your GoDaddy Email Marketing account, or customize a new one. And if you don't already have a GoDaddy Email Marketing account, the plugin helps you create one.

Note: If you used the setup wizard to create your WordPress site, your plugin is set up for you, automatically. You can confirm this by clicking Plugins, and looking for GoDaddy Email Marketing Signup Forms. If it's already there, you can skip to creating or editing a signup form.

Next steps

  1. Set up the WordPress GoDaddy Email Marketing Signup Forms plugin
  2. Create a new or edit your existing email signup form
  3. Place your signup form on your WordPress site, using a widget or shortcode

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