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Statement of Support – Website Security

Please review the full Statement of Support to learn more about available support for additional products and services.


  • Purchasing or renewing Website Security
  • Explaining Website Security features and benefits
  • Explaining how to navigate the Website Security dashboard
  • Demonstrating set up of Website Security accounts
    • Activating the Web Application Firewall (WAF) or explaining necessary DNS settings
    • Activating backups or explaining how to configure backups for desired hosting plan
    • Submitting ticket for malware removal for Advanced, Premium and Premium-5 plans
    • Submitting a ticket for malware removal for Standard plans by request
  • Creating tickets for malware removal by request
  • Configuring and troubleshooting WAF, backup and monitoring products
  • Malware removal (with included plans)/product ticket
    • Removal of malware on website
    • Delisting from blocklists listed on
    • Advising of outdated website software that has major vulnerabilities
    • Adding bypass prevention

Not Supported:

  • Server level infection
  • Troubleshooting and/or fixing website errors after malware removal
  • Troubleshooting server-side errors for monitoring
  • Troubleshooting email security issues
  • Hardware firewall support
  • Fixing server-side errors (500 errors, 404 errors, etc.) that are not caused by the firewall
  • Resolving site health issues that cannot be resolved by the firewall (performance optimization)
  • Penetration testing
  • Removing malware on additional websites hosted on the same server
  • Configuring backups for add-on domains (domains not covered by the backup plan)
  • Configuring more than 3 databases for each backup plan
  • Forensic analysis

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