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Statement of Support – SmartLine

Please review the full Statement of Support to learn more about available support for additional products and services.

  1. Phone Number Routing / Call Forwarding
    • Ensure that system forwards phone when dialed
    • Ensure Time/Day filter settings are functional
    • Verify number routing and Auto-Attendant (when available) options
    • Verify proper routing infrastructure
    Not Supported:
    • Ensure that forwarding target number is accurate and functional

  2. Call Audio Quality
    Not Supported:
    • SmartLine uses customer’s mobile network, so call audio quality is not controlled by GoDaddy.

  3. Setup for 3rd Party Phones
    • Setup of SmartLine on android and iOS (apple) smartphones

  4. Telephone Number Porting
    • Work with 3rd party carriers to transition number to SmartLine system
    • Configure number routing in SmartLine system and verify number works as stated on porting request
    • Provide status updates during the porting process
    • Abide by all LNP and toll-free porting rules and regulations
    Not Supported:
    • Verify number is eligible for porting
    • Provide SmartLine with a complete, accurate, signed Letter of Authorization
    • Inform SmartLine where number should route, and whether it replaces a number or is being added as an additional number
    • If desired, cancel account with losing carrier after port completes
    • When porting out, ensure account billing is in good standing and billing information is up to date
    • When porting out, notify SmartLine if you intend to cancel service after number has ported

  5. Message Notification Delivery (Voicemail)
    • Verify destination email address
    • Confirm message delivery from SmartLine System
    • Provide alternate access to messages via Web App
    Not Supported:
    • Confirm destination email address is valid
    • Allowlist messages@SmartLine.com
    • Ensure that message filters, anti-virus, or other receiving policy is not preventing receipt
    • Contact email provider for assistance

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