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Point your domain name to a server

You can point domains to your servers by pointing a domain name's primary ("@") A record to a server's public IP address or a dynamic IP address assigned to the server.

Warning: This will change your domain name's DNS settings and change the server to which the domain name points. Only make this change once the website hosted on your server is ready.

How you do this depends on where your domain name is registered:

In the same GoDaddy account

  1. In Cloud Servers, click the IP & DNS tab.
  2. Click one of the following based on the type of IP address you're using:
    Type of IP Directions
    Public Click Add domain to IP.
    Dynamic Click Actions, and then click Add domain to IP.
  3. Click the domain name you want to use, and then click Add.

Registered elsewhere or in different GoDaddy accounts

  • In Cloud Servers, click the IP & DNS tab.

You can point your domain name's primary ("@") A record to either Public or Dynamic IP addresses.

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