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How do I retrieve my email messages if I manage my DNS elsewhere?

If you have your email with us, you can can check it through your Web browser by going to http://email.secureserver.net. Log in using your email address and password.

If you registered your domain through us, or have a properly configured CNAME, you can also go to http://email.coolexample.com, where coolexample.com is your domain name.

CNAME Information

You can configure your domain's DNS to point to our Workspace Webmail using a CNAME. The following CNAME points email.(your domain) to our Workspace Webmail:

Note: The settings used below depend upon the type of email account you purchased. Click here for help finding information on your CNAME settings. If your host names include 'europe.', you have a European email account. If your host names include 'asia,' you have an Asia-Pacific email account.

CNAME Points To
email If you do not have a European or an Asia-Pacific email account, use email.secureserver.net.

If you have a European email account, use email.europe.secureserver.net.

If you have an Asia-Pacific email account, use email.asia.secureserver.net

You can update your CNAMEs with the company whose nameservers your domain uses.

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