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Checking and changing email regions

To provide the best email services to our customers, we offer Workspace Email servers throughout the globe. If you need to determine where your email account's servers are located, you can find it by logging in to the GoDaddy account.

Log in to your Workspace Email account and open your product. (Need help logging in?). Your email plan's region displays in parentheses at the end of the value in the Plan Name field:

  • US: United States
  • EU: Europe
  • AP: Asia Pacific

T0 change your email plan's region.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Open Workspace Email.
  3. Next to the email account you want to use, click Options.
  4. Go to the Customize tab.
  5. From the Plan menu, select a plan for the region to which you want to move.
  6. Click Checkout and complete the checkout process.

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