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Can I access my projects across devices?

Project Sync allows you to access, edit, save and export your projects across your phones, tablets and desktop computers. It’s already available on certain devices, and will be rolled out to all customers in the next few months.

Here are some common questions about project syncing:

Can I sync my Android projects?

If you first installed GoDaddy Studio for Android on August 27, 2021 or later, your projects automatically sync to the cloud. As such, they are available on your GoDaddy Studio Android mobile app, the GoDaddy Studio website and your iOS device, if Project Sync is enabled there. We're working to make this feature available to our earlier customers.

Can I sync my iOS projects?

If you're a PRO subscriber and first installed GoDaddy Studio for iOS before July 9, 2021, you can enable iCloud Sync. This will make projects you create in the app available across your iOS devices, but they will not yet sync to your Android devices or the web. If you installed GoDaddy Studio for iOS later, you might already have Project Sync. To check if it's enabled, read our article on how to check if you have Project Sync.

How do I edit across my phone, tablet and web devices?

  1. Ensure you’re signed in to the same GoDaddy Studio account on all devices.
  2. Create and save a project on your mobile device or computer. You should see the project you created in the projects feed on both devices.

    Note: If it takes a while to load, try refreshing your browser.

  3. Open and edit the project on your chosen platform.

Will multi-page projects work across my devices?

Yes, multi-page projects will sync across your devices where Project Sync is enabled.

Will video projects work across my devices?

Project syncing does not yet support projects with video. These projects will only be available on the device you created them on.

Will uploaded-font projects work across my devices?

We’re hard at work building sync for uploaded-font projects, but for now those projects will not sync, and will only be available on the device you created them on.

Can I work offline now that my projects sync?

You can create new projects and edit your existing projects while offline, but the following features need internet connectivity:

  • Starting a project from a template
  • Adding new stock images or videos
  • Adding new graphics
  • Using a font you haven’t already downloaded
  • Creating new folders
  • Opening Discover stories

Project syncing, deletions, sharing, etc. will not happen while you’re offline, but your work will sync once you’re online again.

Note: You need internet connectivity to sign in to GoDaddy Studio. You won’t be able to sign in once you’re offline.

I can’t see my projects on other devices; what should I do?

  • Make sure you’re signed in on the same account across the devices you’re working on.
  • Try refreshing your browser.

Why are my projects taking long to upload?

Internet connection speed plays a part in the upload speed, as does the number and size of files (images, video) you’re using in your projects. As such, some projects might take more time to sync.

How do I access GoDaddy Studio?

To use GoDaddy Studio in your web browser, visit

To download and use the GoDaddy Studio mobile app, use your mobile phone to scan the QR code.
open or download the app

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