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Add an Image Gallery block in WordPress

If you need to add multiple images to your WordPress website, you can add an an image gallery block to your pages or posts.

  1. Open the block editor (Need help opening the block editor?).
  2. Select Add block.
  3. Select Gallery from the Common Blocks section.
  4. Choose how you want to add images to the gallery:
    • Upload - Select images stored on your own computer.
    • Media Library - Allows access to Stock Photos and the Media Library.
  5. You'll either need to select the Import or Select button, based on where you're adding the image from.
  6. Select Create a new gallery.
  7. You can reorder your images, add a caption as well as the meta data for your images.
  8. Select Insert gallery.
Animation that demonstrates how to add an image gallery block

Note: Please remember to update your page or post after editing.

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