Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)

Any help will be appreciated.


  • Ordered Standard SSL Certificate from GoDaddy
  • I have two Domains on my hosting account.
  • On the setup page under the section "Select a domain hosted with us" the drop down menu listed only one of the two hosted domains.  Unfortunately, it was not the domain I purchased the certificate for.
  • Generate a CSR (certificate signing request) was the only other choice available
  • In instructions said:
  • Open WebHost Manager, In SSL/TLS, click Generate an SSL Certificate Signing Request.
  • There is no SSL/TLS item on my cPanel page.  There are no security options available to me.

Anyone know how to solve this problem?  I called support and they told me that only my primary domain is supported for auto set up.


I am disappointed that the domain I purchased from GoDaddy will have to its Certificate set up manually by myself.