Managed Wordpress Emails Going To Spam


I chose to have a managed wordpress site by GD for simplicity sake. However I'm regretting this decision

Apparently GD don't allow external Smtp connections to places like O365 where I have SPF, Dkim and Dmarc setup and mail is treated as legitimate. I have to use their own relay server instead.

I'm fine with this if the emails are treated as legitimate. However they're not. They go to spam filters. Message headers fail dkim, and spf checks

I have put this in my spf record however after 3 days of waiting it still goes to spam and spf lookup fails on the message header.

Its very important that mails go to customer I boxes as they're order emails and other contact.

I shouldve probably chosen a different host but I really don't want to be migrating this site to a Pro hosting package if I can help it.

How can I get it so the mails aren't treated as spam?