Helper VI

Hello @maryGrace


Follow these steps to solve the problem:

-Log in to your WordPress admin panel (wp-admin).

-In the left menu go to Settings » Media.

-In the Store uploads in this folder field enter: wp-content/uploads and click Save changes.

-Now you are done, go and try to upload files to the media library again.

NOTE: make sure that the Store uploads in this folder field contain wp-content/uploads only.

If you can’t find the field in your media settings page you can solve the problem by adding the following code in your “wp-config.php” file:

define( 'UPLOADS', 'wp-content/uploads' );

but, make sure to add the code before this line:

require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');

Also, make shure that the parent directory is writable and error will be solved.


Good luck.

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