Helper I

Re: Go Central Sitemap does not contain shop pages

There is still no sitemap for my individual shop listings, as far as I can tell. There is an index for the main shop page in my sitemap, but each individual item listing is not reflected in the sitemap files.

My blog does have its own sitemap which lists all of the individual posts.

When I look at my main sitemap (, it has two links to other more comprehensive sitemaps listed.
My website map:
And my blog map:

So, you can check your main sitemap and see if it lists two other sitemap locations. You should be able to tell if your blog is mapped, since it should have the same set up as my sitemap and the two comprehensive maps. It may take more time for the search engines to index the blog just because of the nature of when they choose to crawl what pages of your site. I'm not sure, but perhaps blogs are lower on crawl priority than other pages.

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