DNH (GODADDY.COM) charged without any order !!!

I have had a charge in my paypal account for three years and I even don't have autorized this.


They know that I have never used the domain,and even the hosting, why I should want to renewal it?


Please give my money back or I should have to take new unpopular measures to promote your fake service. 

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When you purchase a domain or product from GoDaddy, it's clearly outlined during the purchase that your product or domain will be set to auto-renew unless you go into the account settings and change it. You have to agree to that before you can make the purchase if I'm not mistaken. 


It's possible you can call into phone support and speak with them about it. Depending on when it last auto-renewed, you may be able to get a refund on the current year's renewal.


Good luck and always read the fine print!

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Hello, I want you to refund me the renewal of godaddy chargement that you make autoamaticaly without specifying the import and having my specific consent. 

Thank you in advance,
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Hi @User856250In order to request a refund, you'll need to connect with our customer care team. This is a community-based forum. Other community members do not have access to your account and would not be able to help with this. Sorry :mansad:


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