I am hoping the Community is the alternative. I just finished waiting for 32 minutes, and the support person did not understand my problem. I am setting up a VPS at A2, and because I keep all my domain names with GoDaddy, I have to run through some setup steps. I was explaining what they told me at A2, and my support person sounded frustrated, and then surprise - we got disconnected.  I got a call back and said hello several times, but no other voice came on the line, then disconnected again. Subsequent call in said 24 minutes.  I figure if I do this another two or three times I might get wait time down to zero.  


Try posting your question to the community and see if that works.  For me, I realized i simply need to transfer the domain name in question over to the other Host.  That will eliminate the rigmarole, and result in less stress for me.  Voila!