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help with image hosting

Hi, can anyone help me figure out with what I think it is a small problem. I have a android app where I want to pull images from a image hosting site to the app for usage. I was using cloudinary but the bandwidth is so limited and the monthly expenses so high that I need to create my own hosting. I have purchased a godaddy domain and hosting, and now just need to be able to have a way to access images. The android app is very basic, and uses JSON with image links for access. I have been searching all other the internet and cannot get this to work, I have even tried the public_html folder so it should be but that is not working.


Can anyone help out?

Community Manager

Hi @PeterParker. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure why you'd be running into trouble if your domain is pointed to the hosting plan. Files can usually be loaded in this way. However, you may want to double check our hosting agreement in regard to whether or not our Shared Hosting will work for your needs. Generally speaking, our hosting is for websites, not simply file storage/serving. Hope you're able to find a solution. 


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