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Worst Hosting and customer service

I don't think you can find any worst support and customer service and hosting anywhere in the world.
Guy on the phone was just too arrogant, could not even pull up the call reference number. Can not even backup his claim as he dont have any tool.
You guys are looking to meet me in Department of fair trading.
I m trying to upload a small 20 MB file via FTP, it tooks 3 hours and still not finished. 
They dont have any tool to check the server load, he keep telling that I can upload in a minutes, but that is LAN you talking, 
You guys need to improve your customer service with more skill staff and tools and provide better service, I am now on the mission to post at least 300 negative post and twitts each day, I can simply setup a bot to do that. You can see How much I m disappointed. 
I m also looking to lodge a complaint to department of Fair trading in Australia, where company is failed provide a services as per specification,, This is not US guys this is Australia and we do have better consumer laws.

Re: Worst Hosting and customer service

Agree! They suck big time! Check my issue. I'm absolutely disgusted with their arrogant unqualified incompetent useless waste-of-my-time so-called tech support. They don't solve your problem. They pretend they have a tech support department. But it is a bad joke! They basically make you feel like an idiot by doing their best to prove you're wrong and they're right. The problem I had they never solved and just hung up on me... Outrageous! Unbelievable! 


Re: Worst Hosting and customer service

The customer service is not worth a penny. Better to move out of Godaddy at the earliest. The technical guys are not educated enough to solve the issue.