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Wordpress Installation

Hi, my name is Eis. I've been trying to fix this problem with Wordpress Installation for a couple of weeks now. The problem is after i finish install Wordpress on Cpanel and click on the site wp-admin i don't get redirected to Wordpress dashboard. The only thing that shows up is GoDaddy ads on the domain. I just did a domain transfer to GoDaddy a few days back as i thought that would solve the problem.  Domain :


Hello EisJonathan!


I see your domain and from what I can tell the problem is related to the ip address you currently have the domain directed to. 


I will give you an article on how to update the "A" record as its referred to as and this will allow you to control where the domain is looking for the wordpress site.


The only thing you need to get is the ip address of your hosting account. Once you have that you can follow the instructions above. 

Mike L. | WebPro

Please follow the article instruction it will help you to understand how to install WordPress Theme.  How to Install WordPress