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Which is better, Managed Wordpress or C panel?

I have 2 websites on GoDaddy now, both Managed WordPress, one is Basic and one is Ultimate.  I also have a Deluxe hosting package which currently isn't housing a website. My Ultimate is expiring this week. I called GoDaddy to see about moving the 2 website to an Ultimate Managed WordPress hosting plan and the rep suggested I consider moving both to C Panel because I would have file access and access to a higher php.  I'd love some help in determining the best option. I'll probably want auto backup (I used a 3rd party back up before and there were issues).  Another issue I'll have is moving the 2 sites - I'm not really comfortable doing that.  One site is very small so I could actually recreate it, but the other has been around for a number of years and has a lot of content.  Thanks for your help.

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Re: Which is better, Managed Wordpress or C panel?

It is up to your preferences, Managed is simpler while cPanel is more powerful.


If you decide the benefits outweigh the effort these articles should help you get familiar with the process.


Also, either plan qualifies for free external backup.

Re: Which is better, Managed Wordpress or C panel?

Thanks so much, Nate.  I checked out the migration and I'm thinking it's over my head.  But I have had issues in the past with GoDaddy's managed WordPress not supporting a high enough version of php. I saw that C Panel supports 7.2.  I can manage keeping my WordPress version updated and I can manage access to my files.  If there is external backup, that solves the auto-backup that Managed WordPress has.  Is there anything else that would make C Panel harder for me to use?


Do you think I could use the 'All-in-One Migration' plugin ( to manage the move from Managed WordPress to C Panel? 


If that's not a good option, then I'll need to find someone who can help me move the sites.   


And thank you for the info on external backup - the rep today told me it would be $1.49/month for backup on top of the monthly fee.  


Sorry to have so many questions.  I have enjoyed using GoDaddy for years so I want to stick with them.  


Thanks again.



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Re: Which is better, Managed Wordpress or C panel?

cPanel gives you more power to make changes, etc. but it doesn't force you to get more advanced than needed.  Think of it like opening the hood to your car, as long as you don't randomly move parts around it wouldn't affect anything just to look.


I haven't tried the migration plugin myself, but I have heard others that used it successfully.  Make sure to keep the old account active until the new account is all set up and you've tested that it works according to plan.  That way you still have it to fall back to if something happens wrong.