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Shared Hosting Files Lost or Deleted by GoDaddy

I have been having many websites running on a shared hosting account and the suddenly all my websites were unaccessible and when I went to the file manager via cPanel, I found some errors like "A warning occurred while processing this directive". which have a show option and show stuff like "Failed to mkdir(/home/blaketucker/.cpanel): Permission denied at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/CachedCommand/ line 55, <CONFIG_FILE> line 40.
 at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/CachedCommand/ line 55, <CONFIG_FILE> line 40."


This is really heart breaking as I found the entire files and folders wiped out. Unfortunately, I had not paid for the "Automatic Backup" feature but none the less I feel that GoDaddy should be in position to restore my files but everytime I call the customer care, they tell me 24 hours but it has been 5 days now.


I just been told by the customer support that 10 of my hosted website after mysteriously disappearing on July the 27 cannot be recovered. They where all Wordpress applications managed trough Installatron. 


Yes, many and all different:

- New updated server

- a patch

- unknown 

-  sometimes happens.....



Thanks Godaddy