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Please help me with my cPanel MX config. Can't find the solution

I have a problem with a hosted client and can not find the solution. I have tried everything.


We have a hosted domain, We can send emails, and receive SOME emails. Other emails didn't arrive, and don't bounce.


  • What is your domain name / URL? /
  • Have you made any DNS changes recently? If so, how long ago did you make them? / Not DNS, yes to MX and TXT
  • What type of hosting platform are you on? (Ex. GoCentral, cPanel, Plesk, etc.) / cPanel 
  • What is your hosting package level? (Ex. GoCentral Personal, Deluxe cPanel, Ultimate Plesk, etc.) / Deluxe
  • What type of website do you have? (Ex. GoCentral, WordPress, Joomla, etc.) / Wordpress
  • What type of error are you experiencing? / This is the only error I could find:

MX Record Target: 0

IP address: (united states)

Status: Connect failed : 421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections; please try again later.

Test duration(ms): 2

  • Please supply any error codes you may be receiving and please be specific.
  • What steps have you taken so far to correct the issue? / Everithing i read on this community and other sites.
  • Please provide screenshots of what you see if at all possible. / There aren't

Please, help me with this.


Thanks in advance.

Matías Sulpis
Super User IV



From the look of things you don't have an MX record setup on the DNS servers the domain is using - 

You are currently using the GoDaddy name servers vs the cPanel name server - I suggest keeping it that way so that if there is ever an issue with your server you can still adjust your DNS


Once you adjust that you should be good to go

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