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My website is super slow

I have a website that is hosted at Godaddy with Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel package.


Server response time to the website is really bad and the pages that are supposed to be opened in 3 seconds, takes 30, 40 or sometimes 50 seconds. I have tried to figure out and there is nothing wrong at my end. 


Please find the resolution. 



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Re: My website is super slow

Hi @JoyFilms,

Before I go and click on that link, could you please tell me what kind of Joy films these are?

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Super User II

Re: My website is super slow

So many things determine site speed.  Your site is very graphic intensive and it appears not having scaled images and designating image sizes (as well as other things) are the culprit.  I ran a site speed test so you know what you need to work on.


Also, updating your copyright notice in the footer to the current year is a good idea!


HTH! Smiley Wink

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Re: My website is super slow

I have read your post and the responses. I am adding my comment, since I am having the same problems with my websites which are so important to me and my making a living. All the posts are true. These issues have nothing to do with web design, it is GoDaddy doing a piss poor job and providing piss poor performance. Larry Mann

Re: My website is super slow

my site have a same issue 

site is

but i am facing server side slow response time problem 

i have checked my site on 

according it server is taking 1 s to 1.5 wait time to response this time is much more 


please help me 


my site deadly slow, does not load on first time

hello anyone who can read this
i am really new to shared hosting servers, recently bought a hosting linux economy server and added a site which is very light, but it is not working good, it takes minutes to load,and it always gives time out error is first attempt,it never loads in chrome incognito mode,
can anyone help because it really makes me crazy, a month has passed but have not seen any improvement in it,
and do let me know how can i contact to support, because whenever i call them what i always get is a long never ending wait.

Re: my site deadly slow, does not load on first time

Do these ever get responded to?  I am having the same issues a very light website that wont load or takes 10-15 seconds, occasionally it is instantly loaded and works as it should but quite often it is waiting for the site.  


Is this just because it is the cheapest hosting option?