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How to make separate Cpanel for each domain ?

Dear Godaddy and Respected All,

i have Deluxe Hosting Pakage  and i have many domains  and all data in one cpanel with different folder (domain name folder).

i want to use separate Cpanel for Domain ?

Please Help me 


[This question is very old but was too important to not log an answer when I saw it.]


Keep in mind that with Google's insistence on websites' use of SSL certificates, it seems that making every site secure on a with https:// on the Deluxe Hosting Package will be difficult/impossible because it only allows for one certificate - and I am sure GoDaddy will work this out, so this may change.


Unless you specifically have a type of reseller account that allows this, you will have to use the "Create Addon Domain" function.  When you do that, you'll specify a "document root", and that will be the directory where you store the files for that additional website. It will suggest a subdomain for you.



So will display any websites/files for


The problem is that [I think] you will only get a valid SSL [https:] connection for

The reason being your SSL certificate will work only if the site ends in  for example:

  • * 

There are also SSL certificates that not only do every possible subdomain but additional domains - if that's available, opt for that.


Visitors expecting a secure (https) connection at will be confused and suspicious and start harassing their grandchildren for help. 


Just kidding - if they're old enough to have grandchildren, they'll never notice and will eventually give up their banking credentials and remote control of the computer to a nice hacker in Romania but claim that it doesn't matter because they have that LIfeLock service and they'll get a million dollars if there's a problem. I actually had a guy do this and claim there was nothing to worry about because Lifelock would take care of it so what does it matter if he let some guy take over his computer and set up a PayPal account for him.  Oh, Lifelock now covers giving your money and personally identifiable information away?  Who knew!?


You would have to install an SSL certificate specifcially for to get that domain to always come up https:.   And for that, you need to make sure your hosting plan covers it.   VPS accounts typically allow this.


Hi, I too have same question in mind? I want to have seperate cpanel credentials for different subdomains so that they can't have access to another subdomain.


Can anyone help me please???

Hi @chantii08,


Welcome to the Community!

You can setup multiple FTP user names so others can only access the folder of any specific subdomain you have assigned. You can use these instructions to create those individual users. You can assign each one to the "directory", or folder to access, but there will not be a separate cPanel to operate - just the files for the website in that folder.



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