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Entry Limit Reached - Customer Service - PHP Kill Function - Helping Docs

Greetings Dear Community


I have been a good customer of Godaddy from 2014. I didn't requested any complex things. Whenever I called, I got good feedbacks until this problem.


I have Entry Limit problem

1-User Interaction?

I don't have any visible internet site for any user. According to Google analytics, I have only 80 -100 unique visit in my websites. So there is not user interaction reason.


And just look this graphs

Is it mirror of high entry? (Last 30 days' graph)



2-Calling Customer Service?

As mentioned on other posts, I called Turkish Customer Service twice. First one was okay. It looks it solved (You may see sudden drop afterward then increased) boo.jpg However second one was total fiasco. I called 17:50 and closing time is 19:00 so I waited in the line after I told them I have same problem with before, they talked with American Godaddy for 1 hour (?) and around 18:50 he reached me that we got only one answer from America that "there is problem with your codes." So answered as "If I had problems with codes, this should happen much more before and if there is problem about codes it should be about CPU or GPU not Entry Limit. Please ask America again for recheck". The answer "Sorry this is only result." And as we talking, I heard other customer service people's laugh in his back instead of helping. Yes there are really good ones too but you need to check about if your customer services are "call center" or "technical service".  If there are sound records on, you may hear it.



3-Killing PHP Processes?

So with Shell, I tried to kill most used ones. Because according to your helping documents, there should be a button for killing it in cpanel? ( ) so I reached out with SSL to kill it. The one with high was lsphp and it repeats itself, so I repeatedly killed it however it didn't drop entry limits.  ( I am not good with SSL so I tried best internet opinions.)


4- .BAT and deactiveting websites.

That was what I got from last customer service. So tried to deactive some of internet sites if I have really bad codes which "customer service" mentioned (Point 2) however nothing happened and entry limit still rised afterwards too.


5-Closing some php options, memory increase etc.

Didn't worked. 


6-Uninstalling core internet site reinstalling it.

I start to go back to backups if it is still problem about codings from last website which I am working.  Nothing happened. So I turned to more active internet sites (10-20 user in week... yes very active) to take back however it was unreachable. So taking back to backup failed. Now I tried to uninstall drupal system on it!


And it stucked in Drupal management page.



I was working on a project which have high potencials so I was thinking to get dedicated server from Godaddy because I didn't got big problems before but right now I am dismantling my websites just because hosting problems! Because as you know, trusting a supplier is hard thing and easy to lost. I know most of hostings are wrecks but at least resource of godaddy is high and may find solutions in the end... But now I lost 1 week of time for nothing to learn these problems solutions...


-Need more details about why entry limit reaches high. Ddos? Virus? Godaddy? Me? Shared website is sucking my resources?

-There are some problems that very common (for example in wordpress entry limit problem too) you need far better solutions and answers on helping documents and training to your services. 

-Godaddy's UX change is not reflected on helping documents! I searched SSL activation button for 3 hours!



So I am looking for construtive approach from Godaddy to a loyal customer who provides Godaddy's economy server to lots of partners as recommendation because of current deluxe pack.



As I mentioned here and promised, I would like to give feedback.

I found some codes that not written by me but it is not related with Drupal (it couldn't enter Drupal's core codes. Just index.php focused.) however I was only using Drupal and file manager of godaddy. I erased most of the server around 4 months ago. Also I think Godaddy made some corrections in that times too. I didn't have this problem again and still user of Godaddy.

Thanks for support.

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Community Manager

Hi @ErsinCapt. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community and a loyal customer! I'll try to address each of your points below. 


Regarding entry processes, these are indicative of connections that are usually caused by scripts (like PHP) that aren't properly configured to end the connection. Take a look at this Stack Exchange post for troubleshooting tips. 


I'm sorry if your support experience was disappointing or frustrating. It sounds like our advanced support reviewed your situation and confirmed that the issue was related to scripting. As for any laughter you heard, we do try to keep a fun atmosphere while we work and it's not uncommon to hear co-workers laughing. I'm sure that any that you heard was not in regard to your situation though. If you have any doubt, please connect with a support supervisor so they can have the call reviewed. 


I'm guessing you mean SSH rather than SSL. The lsphp process simply indicates that a PHP script is running in your account. If it comes back when you kill it, it indicates that something is continually accessing it, which further aligns with what you heard from support. As for documentation being out of date, it definitely is. We're in the process of getting it updated. Sorry it took so long to figure out what you needed to do. 


As for .BAT files, I'm not sure what you mean. Feel free to explain further if you feel like it helps explain the situation. 


In order for PHP options to take effect, you need to kill all PHP processes. As I'm sure you gathered from the forum post you shared, this is currently done by changing your PHP version and then changing it back to what you want. That may be why you saw no effect. 


Beyond what I provided above, I'm not sure what other information I could provide to help. However, others in the community may be able to provide advice. I hope you're able to figure this out. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Dear JesseW


Thank you for constructive answer.

-I nearly finished every forum post and google links 🙂 I read that one too. It was informative but still not helping to solve it. I really hoped that this one could work, but didn't. Just gave me a weapon to see overvalued ones.


-About customer service, thanks to technical support, I know that I may get answers but ofc all of sites are down. Right now, there is a test about entry limits.


-Yes yes SSL. Yes it looks like to me same too when I saw lsphp because it was in my reach. However this possibility about me died because of this double data;


     1-I closed all of internet sites via making public_html to public_html.bat (this is what I mean) and erased most active one's all of Drupal modules. I even erased its drupal install page (and now it is broken as well but it is another days problem)

      2- You may see details of usages



In that green area, I changed the file to make websites inactive and I contacted again with customer support in today. So they transfered me to technical support. He/she made what it is necessery for testing and said to waiting. I accepted any feedback to reach total solution. But now, as you see when there is not a single value or code is public, we don't have any decrease from 90.  Also right now there is no overvalued in SSL as I checked. So no entry limit increase but there is no decrease either Robot Indifferent


(Blue area is when I personally deactived sites all the sleeping time to see if there is any decrease. Because of no decrease in that time, I reached customer service.)


My opinion is entry limit system may be somehow broken. It need much more informational feedbacks to end user so we can understand what is the source of problem and if it is because of us or DDOS or hosting or another website in that shared area. It may also decrease your service times (as I see godaddy have something similar problems with wordpress too) , total costs and may understand if we need to increase our hosting plan. 



-About documents,

Godaddy's documents were really great until this UX changes. That is why I called customer service as last resort in previous some little problems. But this one gave me a despair.  Previous UX had also lots of problems however this one is just like a limited phone application sadly. We need at least an UX change button to previous.


Community Manager

@ErsinCapt I'm not sure what the best way forward is for you. If you're consistently seeing high and persistent entry processes, it's also possible that there are processes stuck open that you would not be able to close (also called zombie processes because they keep coming back). That is something you'd have to get with support to check out. It might be worth your time to have that checked if the issue continues. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Dear JesseW


For giving feedback and may understand my position I would like share these details.


It reached 0 in 22 hours for totally closed hosting. 


But as technical service recommended, i took hourly screenshots so in that time line, i didn't see any middle number from 100 to 0. So I got 2 recommendation;

1-My codes have problem so it increases.

2-Increase entry limit to unlimited.


As you know, it is like a water pool about these limits. I have pool taps, godaddy have pools with sinks. The pool is what godaddy offer me and what I pay. So if I burst 99 Lt water so sudden and stop, pool's size would be okay, sink will empty it in time, it wouldn't give any trouble. If I give stable 1 lt water every hour, the sink should be still okay. But of course if I suddenly burst , 1000 lt water, the pool will be overfloated to outside and you may not let me to wreck your surrounding so godaddy should close my tap for security reason. 




(Last 30 days entry limit graphs)


But as you see in the decrease, even the pool is not overexceeding and all of taps are closed, it took 22 hours - Brown area - with under supervision of technical service. I tried it too with myself - Blue area - but it didn't decreased too.


I may understand that my codes or modules (which all of them are secure and used by various sites but anyway) can have problem. But we have problem in the sink too. It is not decreasing and if I buy more better hosting or system, even I put 1 LT water to nearly unlimited entry limit, it may reach it to 6 months or 3 years or 5 years then we will close the system to decrease it to 0. But the sink would be same. 2 days entry limit become 0 in 22 hours. So how long will it take from unlimited entry limit's (One of number is 2000) to reach 0? With these numbers, I may reach 2000 in 2 weeks (one of unlimited limit 🙂 ), and Entry limit will be 0 in 1 week afterwards.  (And as you know a website shouldn't be closed even for 3-4 minutes... )


So should I increase my size of pool in your opinion with still same sinks of godady?


I have some backups and now, I took all these websites to previous area - Red Line - and started to wait. If that entry limit appears again in this backup period, Godaddy have the problem for sure, not me. After sometime that will not have a problem , I will take to last weeks backups and try to solve with my own ways when it appears again. Because I cannot tell anybody that "for years we paid nearly same hosting but now even you don't have more visitors, for more visitors - progress - you may need to pay triple amount for 2 weeks to get this problem again." My customers are using godaddy's system because of my advise. If I cannot use, my customers can't use either in time.


In economy hosting, (not deluxe) I had a website that have more than 5000 unique visitors in each week, more than 10000-12000 connection-page requests with drupal website with tons of modules in each day and I never had this issue and never have a overfloated value. This is why I increased godaddy with businesses and that is why I am really suprised. But in this period, even all of this account's websites are nearly dead meat, and even after I mince them, I still had the problem. For now, my opinion is the sink has big problem. I hope you understand from my point. This is how a supplier lose their very patient and low problematic customers. But I will tell own test results after sometime. I hope we don't see transfer headaches.


Drupal is now okay for install and I took everything back and waiting. Also thank you for zombie process information. It may be very valuable information for me. I didn't know that issue and there are some documents about it too. So if that appears again after back up time, i will try to use your recommendation with SSL. 


Have a nice day and thanks for feedbacks.


As I mentioned here and promised, I would like to give feedback.

I found some codes that not written by me but it is not related with Drupal (it couldn't enter Drupal's core codes. Just index.php focused.) however I was only using Drupal and file manager of godaddy. I erased most of the server around 4 months ago. Also I think Godaddy made some corrections in that times too. I didn't have this problem again and still user of Godaddy.

Thanks for support.

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