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Cannot use CPanel and Cannot install node

Hi, I bought a Hosting and domain 2 hours ago and since then I geeting the following issues


1 - Cannot open CPanel, I'm getting timout error

2 - Don't know what **bleep** version is the linux, so I cannot install a **bleep** there, trying a lot use nodejs but it fails because missing libraries like ''", but I can't install because I don't know what manager this **bleep** server use

PLEASE help, I'm about to dismiss this order 


Hi @andremadureira1,


Welcome to the Community!

We're currently showing a known issue with the setup for some new cPanel hosting plans. [As of 15-aug-2019, 4:15PM AZ time] You can contact our customer support team to see if your account is involved. Our developers are working quickly to get everyone affected back online. We're sorry we don't have an ETA to provide here in Community, but we appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue. 

TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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