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    Coupons and Appointments

    I see that I can create a coupon code for a Product in a Store. Does the same concept not apply for creating coupons for Repeating Events in Appointments?  Why can't I create discounts for classes?

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    Hello @IQCardio :


    Thank you for your post. This sounds like an excellent suggestion that I will forward to our team. Hope business is going well for you and if you haven't already, please join us on our LinkedIn #OpenWeStand community. 

    Hi, has this issue been resolved? I am having the same issue and do not see any kind of workaround

    Unfortunately, "No".  Still waiting and hoping.

    I understand

    Hi Valerie.  I see a "Solved" reply to my original post, but I don't think the issue has been solved. Am I missing something?  IQCardio

    I would also like to have this feature added for online appointments as I have to ask customers to contact me directly so I can manually book them so they can use their gift vouchers/ coupons if this could be automated it would be much easier for both our customers and ourselves. Kind Regards Laura

    I am new at godaddy I not sure
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    @Hoovesnpaws @IQCardio @Marvell11 @cblazer


    I believe this was marked as "solved" due to a GoDaddy rep noted:


    "This sounds like an excellent suggestion that I will forward to our team."


    So as of now, this is not an available feature.   I do know the GoDaddy team is constantly working on adding new features, when it is feasible and possible. And they have lots of new updates and new features in the pipeline that they are currently beta testing.  😉  








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    Hello @IQCardio,

    Thank you for reaching out. You are correct, currently, coupon doesn't work for Online Appointments. It is, however, on our roadmap. I don't have a timeline that I can share out with you.just yet.