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Wordpress Navigation Links Work "Sometimes"

I have build a website for a client using wordpress, and the navigation links sometimes work, and sometimes they don't.  has anyone ever run into this problem before?  The website is and it's usually in the chrome browser where they don't work.


Can a guy get some ideas please?

Super User I

I've not run into this before... At full screen the top of page navs are *not* clickable.  However, when I minimized the screen a bit they became clickable; minimize the screen size further and the nav bar turns into a drop down -- that does work too.


I do see in the code:


id="main-navigation" class="hidden-phone"
id="primary_menu_mobile" class="menu_mobile hidden-desktop hidden-tablet"

So something is hiding the menu links on desktop.  I would start by checking the settings of whatever is controlling your mobile/responsive menu settings.


HTH! 😉

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