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WordPress upgrade product key?

I was wondering since I'm not able to transfer my Wordpress sites to godaddy and I already bought a WP upgrade (just as a test , one month) so I was thinking if I would somehow get the product key or something and add it to the wordpress site and get it to work there?


I'm not super familiar with these kind of things so everything seems so difficult to me 😕

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If I understand you correctly your WordPress sites are hosted elsewhere (not on GoDaddy)?


If that is the case you would have to migrate the sites over to your GoDaddy WordPress hosting.


The good news is that WordPress has migration plugins for this process.


HTH! 😉

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@Muse I bought a domain from GoDaddy and started to design the wepages in WP. I tried to migrate everything from WP to GD but didn't get it work. And that option you showed to me it seems like I need to have Business Plan to add any plugins of my own... so in this case it is totally out of the question.

I bought the upgrade to WP from GD (Premium or something like that, don't remember anymore) because I didn't want to spent 40-100$ just to try out WP's paid services so I found there is one month 10$ plan I could get from GD.

But I can't/don't know how to migrate the WP things to GD. Or I can't activate my purchase in WP to try it, so it seems I could try the upgrades only in GD?


Everything just seems so complicated and all I just want to do is to try things before buying them.