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WordPress page and can not be found.

After I reset my go daddy account and change my main domain then I installed word press and accessed it, I still go a error that the page cannot be found. I called them but cant find the error on their end and them told be that they will try to call me but never received a call back. I have this issue since Monday. I accessed, uninstalled and reinstall wordpress still same error. Iam in a plan Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel. Please help me.


Thank you.

Community Manager

Hi @ddiamos. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


It's difficult to say what's going on with this without knowing what the domain is. If you can share that, it would allow others to see the error and check other things like DNS settings. Please consider replying to let us know what the domain is. Someone in the community may be able to pinpoint what's going on. If not, I'd recommend getting back in touch with our support team.


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Hi thank you for your response, yes sure this is my domain name. do you have any suggestion how to fixed it?

Hey @ddiamos,


Did you still need help with this one? Noticed the domain is resolving to a live WordPress site from this end.


If you did manage to work this out on your own, I hope you'll share what you did so other folks with a similar issue will know how to work it out as well. Smiley Happy


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by the way my domain name is


I've just started with Wordpress on Godaddy, I used the GoDaddy installer, selected a theme, all looks good.  I can edit the home page but any of the pre-existing pages come back with an error message saying "not found on server".  Any new pages I create have the same issue.  If I go into the page section of the Dashboard, I can edit any page with the text editor (and I can see the content there) but if I try to use Page Builder I get the same error.  Even when editing the page fully with the text editor (and saving/publishing), when I go to view or preview, I get the same "not found on server" issue.


Can anyone offer any advise pleases