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Webhost and WordPress

I'm really a beginner in all of this of building a site and I am having issues setting it up.. 

I got a webhost from cPanel and I also set up a wordpress plan separately, directly in WordPress. 

I have no clue how to integrate these 2. Can WordPress host my site and I should proceed to cancel the cpanel account? 

Help!!! Please!! 



What kind of issues are you encountering on cpanel?


The hosted sites are typically sites that don't give access to the core file or allow you to control the configuration therefore its limited and hosting your own site is probably best.


Are you concerned about saving the content on the old site and moving it to the new one?

If so you might want to try and export the data from the post/pages its not everything but its the majority of data.


Is the new site up and running?

Mike L. | WebPro