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WP Admin Panel doesn't launch when clicking it from My Products page

I recently migrated a word press site to godaddy. I was able to access it fine from the My Products page by clicking on the "WP Admin" button under it's temporary domain name. However, I finally got the real domain name transferred this morning and I selected to use as the "Primary domain". Since then the WP Admin Panel won't launch. It just takes me directly to the homepage of the website without any way to login. I try to manually type wp-admin into the path of the URL. But I'm unable to access the site with my login. Please advise how to access my admin panel?


BLaug, this sounds like a cause with your homeurl and siteurl settings in your MySQL database associated with your wp-config.php file. I am not sure if I am correct, but you may be able to fix this in 2 different ways.


If you have access to FTP, go into your wp-config.php file and change or add these two lines:

define('WP_HOME','YOUR URL');
define('WP_SITEURL','YOUR URL');


I hope this helps.


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