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Unable to log into Wordpress

I'm trying to log into Wordpress but it doesn't let me. I reset my password but it says wrong information. Is this some form of hacking?? 

Has this happened to anyone else, please help! 



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Re: Unable to log into Wordpress

Hi @lperez,

first clear your cache then try again. If that doesn't work try using a different browser. If the problem persists then I would phone support who will be able to assist you.


Good luck!


Re: Unable to log into Wordpress

Thank you so much you are amazing!! so should this be done every once in a while to avoid being tracked? 


Very much appreciated!!! Thanks for your help 🙂

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Re: Unable to log into Wordpress

Hey thank you @lperez,

I did a little look around there to see who was amazing lol

The money is in the post lol Smiley Happy


If you find things a little buggy with your browser, it doesn't do any harm as a first course of action. It may mean that some of your favourite sites load a little more slowly, but these are best bookmarked anyway. With regards to changing your browser sometimes, it just happens that some browsers do things better than others sometimes. 

I think of it as a tidy up, not needed all the time, just when visitors are coming Smiley Happy


Thank you!