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Place to learn how to use Wordpress?

Hi, I currently got hired in a small business company. For now, at work I only post new items on his online shop and write a description, then optimise the item using Yoast. Boss told me I have time until Monday to learn how to use Wordpress and how to design his website. He will give me one of his domains this week-end to mess around and learn stuff. Does anyone know a place to learn to use Wordpress to this level? Preferably free. Thank you!

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Personally I would recommend you find a theme that has been built that all you need to do is swap out the content.

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There are many online resources for WordPress available for free. You can check one of the WordPress tutorials blog for your reference. 

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Here is a good way to learn stuff if you like DIY.
Be willing to break it. See what happens if I do this or that. Be curious.
Be willing to deal with the pain of a break. And willing to learn how to fix it.
In other words what is your pain and frustration ability?
If you learn on a “fake” non-essential site then who cares?
But technology is a never ending rabbithole.

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A good way to learn is once you have an installation of WordPress that you can play with, go through every menu item in the left sidebar one at a time.   Learn what is where.     This also will expose you to all the features and functionality that are available to you.


For Posts and Pages, look to the right sidebar.   Check out all those variables for the document, Gutenberg Blocks and Yoast.


As @PL281 recommended, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, theme-wise.  You can use the default Twenty Twenty WordPress theme to play with how everything works and to see how any changes you make will impact the front-end site.   Then there are tons of Premium themes to choose from moving forward. 


Many of the display and customization options are located in Appearance > Customize.  Get familiar with that area too!


Resources to learn:

HTH! 😉

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There are many places to learn the wordpress, i have found something similar to the wordpress gdpr here