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Multisite domain mapping

I have been looking EVERYWHERE on how to fix my domain mapping for multisite and it was NOT working no matter what I do. I'm a noob, and i spent 8 hours on this thing. Godaddy Customer Service was completely useless and told me to scrap multisite and do two wordpress installs.  So this is for the noob who looks for community posts to fix their problems. 


If you have wordpress multisite installed, most likely, the "native" way to redirect domains may not work. I needed Wordpress MU Domain Mapping plugin.


1. I installed Wordpress MU Domain Mapping plugin, followed the instructions. + domain mapped my secondary blog to my secondary domain.


2. After that, create an ADD ON domain (not a parked or alias) for the domain you wanna use and set the root directory to /public_html   and not /public_html/domainname


3. Using DNS Manager, choose newly created domain (may take 10 mins to show up) and click Manage DNS. Page 2 for name servers, use those to point your domain.  ( using IP address did not work for me i kept getting "future site of something cool")


4. Wait 30 mins or a couple hours for it to take effect.  

Hopefully i saved some people some time.


Re: Multisite domain mapping

How did you determine what to change the nameservers to in step 3? The same as domain 1?

Re: Multisite domain mapping

I got the same doubt.


Re: Multisite domain mapping

I just got this to work properly each time after months trying. I am must share to save anyone else the headache. My scenario is for domains managed on godaddy.


First you do not need the domain mapping plugin anymore for basic mapping. Trust me.


The very first thing to do is point your domain to the servers ip address in DNS Manager. You will probably set the time to 600 seconds and expect it to change in that amount of time. IT WILL NOT. BE PATIENT. THIS IS WHERE I MADE MY MISTAKE.  I would constantly make changes expecting them to take affect in a couple hours.  It will take a full 24 in most cases just leave it alone.


Second I created an add on domain  in cpanel I pointed this to the public html root folder not the subdirectory it tries to create.




After about 24 hours the domain will forward to your root or main multi site. Only then do I change the domain in the sites editor. this will instantly connect the domain to the right subsite.


Note you must have at least deluxe hosting  for this to work.