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Mobile Menu

Hey all!  Just need some help with something.  I have a theme that has my logo/header widgets ABOVE the menu bar on a browser, which is fine.  However, for the mobile version, there is not a preference.  Is there a way to have the menu bar the TOP for the mobile menu, but keep it as in on the browser?  I am not well versed in coding, but willing to try with very clear instructions, if necessary.  THANKS!

Ps. The theme I use is Vantage.

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You are going to want to contact the developer of the theme for that level of customization.  They know their code best and how easy/difficult it would be to meet your request.  😉

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Hi @persnicketyjas,


Unless you just really like to code...  One skill that I've learned in theme selection is to have the basic skeleton for what I want sketched out prior to even looking at the theme.  Once I know where I want my elements to be, I make sure the theme I choose has the design elements already built in.  This eliminates a ton of coding and saves time.  Some themes are much, much better at customizations than others.


In recent months, I've started to almost exclusively use Beaver Builder and the child themes available.  Has made coding and client support much easier.


Hope this helps,


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