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Getting Started

Looking for Wordpress tutorial requests.

I am creating 30 Wordpress training videos - short, concise videos with a blog and cheat sheet where appropriate. Though I have coached on Wordpress for my customers for years and taught online marketing with Wordpress development at college, I would love to have some more (current) ideas of what you wish you could "make" Wordpress do - please reply with suggestions.

I may not churn out a video a day - but I promise 30 in 30 days. I am learning Camtasia as I go and trying to wrestle good audio out of my Snowball microphone. Feedback as I go would be great too. This is completely a free service as it is a challenge to myself - oh I will be posting on Youtube but also on my blog at

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Hi, @WPSuccess - Great post! Hope you're able to get a ton of suggestions. Here are some I think could be beneficial:

  • Picking the right plugins
  • Making design/style changes
  • How to use custom post types

Looking forward to seeing what you put together!


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Hey! This is great! I'm looking for help learning WP and I happen to develop eLearning. If you'll teach me WP I'll help you master Camtasia and any other eLearning tools you want to know. No worries if not... great job!

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Hi @WPSuccess, Tying into what @JesseW said, I have a suggestion. I think you could back into what a lot of people want to do (and learn about) by searching the numerous WP surveys online. For example, I took a quick look at a few recent articles on plug-in ratings and pulled out:


Organizing the site for download speed.

Cross-platform browser compatibility.

SEO ranking.

Slideshows and Transitions.

Effective contact forms.


Not necessarily a logical progression, but certainly a short list of 5 worthy subjects.


Best of luck,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Camtasia is an awesome piece of editing software. Good to see I'm not the only one using it over Sony Vegas.


I'd love to see some tutorials I can reference to customers regarding basic setup of Woocommerce. It's not something we directly support or are even trained to use here, so it would be nice if there were some good tutorials on using it.


Also, for the sake of GoDaddy's provided themes, maybe a tutorial on how to change the hero text through the widgets section. A lot of customers seem to call in about that.

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A couple others didn't mention that I coach my clients on quite a bit:


=> How to do thorough backups.

=> How to secure your site (dos and don'ts).


HTH! Smiley Wink



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Heya WPSuccess!


I would love to see some more information about the following:


What Staging sites are used for.

How to properly use parent and child themes.


That would be ahhsum sauce! Thank you WPSuccess!



Hi @WPSuccess,

I have the following ideas based on what I had to solve:

- Switching over to https

- How to pick the right theme for your blog

- What are the basic plugins you should use

- How to optimize for mobile.

- How to set up an opt-in page






I have a problem, which could perhaps lead to a video idea.

And so the problem is: Every single picture that I upload as a 'feature image' in word press is dark. It did not used to be this way. Note home page picture -clean and bright. Now, even when I upload the exact same Home page picture to the 'HBR' page, it is dark. (I left it that way for your viewing). I have searched everywhere on the web for an answer. Wondering what I am doing wrong.