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Integrate 3rd party JSON data into my Wordpress blog



I am looking to show a sports section with upcoming Soccer events on my wordpress blog. I have purchased a subscription from this company , it is JSON data format, and I am trying to find a freelancer to program a script, but they all tell me they cannot upload the custom plugin to Godaddy? 


It is not much, just to show event name, date and time and generate a link.


How would I go about solving this issue?


Thank you very much for your assistance!


Advocate VII


You might try a plugin like this one.

Hope this helps,

Just out of curiosity,

Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Hi James,


Thank you for the suggestion, that plugin will definitely come in handy.


Turns out it is something to do with privileges, I don't understand it very well so I posted a support ticket, will hopefully figure it out this week.




Hi @AlexC89,


Just a quick way for you to look at privileges.  Remember the old game Simon Says?  If you're Simon, you can say, "WordPress Plugin A take one step forward", and by doing so gets to stay in the game.  Next up, "WordPress Plugin B take one set back", and this player is put on the sidelines, but not out of the game.  Then WordPress Plugin C doesn't listen to Simon's instructions and gets thrown out of the game.  GoDaddy is Simon!


There are several privilege categories, Read,Write,Read/Write,Read/Write/Execute.....  GoDaddy places some restrictions on a shared server on specific directories and operations.  This protects all users on the server.  Depending on your plan, you may have the capability to overwrite some of the privileges to make custom programs work correctly. 


In most cases, if you are at the point of making permission changes to get an "off-the-shelf" program to work, a quick check with tech support is a good idea.  Often they will have a list of do's/do not's for certain types of applications.


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites