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How to increase the file uploading limiting

what are the steps to take in increasing my blog file uploading maximum limit from 64mb to higher amount?


Hi @jatma, thanks for posting.

You can change this by using a custom php initialization file or editing an already existing one. See the information in these articles for more details:


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Hi GaryA

The URL's you posted in your reply to @jatma is not working.

I have a similar problem, and although I have changed the ini file to the size I want, it's not working.

Any other suggestions?

Community Manager

Hi @Old_T0ppy. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


The most common cause of changes not applying is using the wrong file name for the type of hosting you have. I would make sure to double check that. Also, if you use a php.ini or php5.ini (depending on the account type), you sometimes need to kill all PHP processes for the changes to take effect. Please take a look at this article if you're still having problems.


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