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Help with menu items



I'm a total novice when it comes to building a website and I'm struggling with menu items having added a new page to our business website. If you go to you will see 7 items across the top menu bar and at the bottom of the page, the same 7 items display neatly.


If you click on any of the menu items to go to that page, the last menu item disappears and the 'about' page link at the bottom of the page goes funny.


Can anyone help? I am a total novice so I don't really understand coding

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I went to your site and what disappears is the First Appointment link.  The last on the right.


I see what you mean with the bottom widget/menu.  The selected page is being pushed to the next line.  Could be some sort of conflict between a plugin and your theme.  Are you using a menu plugin of any sort?


Did you try disabling all plugins to see if that resolves the issue?  If it does you know you have a plugin conflict. If it doesn't you'll have to ask your theme author about this erratic behavior.


HTH! 😉

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Hi @emma1989,

Since you're new to building websites, thought you might be interested in getting some tips on things to add or improve on your website. If so, please feel to add a post with a link to your website url to our "Supersize Your Website" forum and have other Community members check out your site. Thanks!


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