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Help me find a good WordPress theme

I moved from the Website Builder to WordPress for its responsivity potential. I thought there were a gazillion themes available in WordPress, but only see 11. But what I really want is a blank theme, like the black canvas blank theme in Website Builder. Am I missing something?

Helper III
Helper III

Re: WordPress themes

Hi @JRC!


I'm not quite sure where you're seeing only 11 themes, but I assure you there are quite a few more themes available.  The most comprehensive listing of WordPress themes is available here:


Themes should also be browse-able from the WordPress Admin console, but the link above will work even if that does not.


Hope that helps!

Helper III
Helper III

Re: WordPress themes

Hi, @JRC!


I'm not sure where you're seeing only 11 WordPress themes available, but I assure you that there are many more than 11 themes available.  The most comprehensive collection of WordPress themes is available here:


You should also be able to see them in the WordPress admin console, but that link should work even if you can't seem them there.


Hope that helps!

Advocate VI Advocate VI
Advocate VI

Re: WordPress themes

When you set up a new WP installation, there are some default themes that get loaded up, but there are TONS of free themes, and many paid ones as well.




Personally I stay away from free themes. I'm sure there are some good ones out there, but the paid ones are more likely to have support, and/or a forum where you can get help/hints from other people who use that theme.


I'm a big fan of Genesis. Not free, but excellent themes, and a huge user/developer community so you can always get answers to questions. Also, their themes com with detailed instructions in terms of filling in all of the home page elements, etc. See


Helper I
Helper I

Re: WordPress themes

Yes, you are missing something.


Not sure where you're looking to see only 11, but if you google "free wordpress themes" you'll come up with those zillions you're seeking.


I usually zoom in with something like "best free wordpress themes white responsive 2016".


Some cautions:


> Be wary of "25 Best Responsive Wordpress Themes Spring 2016" list sites.


These are often curated by an affiliate who gets something, money or otherwise, from the viewers downloading the themes. While this isn't inherently bad, it can lead to problems if you're not careful. For example, a theme might not be "best" for you, merely because it's listed here. It's just a list, put together by another person, for a purpose.


> Be wary of supposedly "free" themes that require--not recommend, but require--you to use certain plugins.


This is all too common. You love the theme. In the installation process (and unfortunately I don't think you can discover this until you reach that fairly late point) the theme will tell you "This theme requires Plugins X and Y to work." And now you're forced to get them. Since the plugins are often for the drag and drop or contact functions, you must comply.


Okay, you think. All is well until about a month in, when the plugins update. "To upgrade you must get the paid version of this product," the plugins inform you. Yeah. No Thanks. That's a sneaky way into a paid model and I really, really don't appreciate it.


> Don't get "married" to a single theme as a solution.


For myself, choosing a theme for my own new site or a client's is the longest process in site development. It can easily take four hours...if I let it.


The best process I've found is to figure out what criteria I value for this project, write them down, use them in the google searches, and SET A TIME LIMIT.


"Two hours, that's it," I tell myself, and set the timer on my tablet. For the next while I look at themes, assess them, and make a list of the standout solutions. When the alarm goes off, that's it. I'll usually have between four and six potential solutions.


I will always have one I'm in love with. I never end up using that one. Something's broken with it, the theme doesn't quite work the way I need it to, the free-but-paid thing is in effect inside.


And then, I have to saunter along to Best Option #2.


So don't get married to one solution, because odds are you're going to have to throw it out and move on to the next.



Knowing approximately what you're looking for at the start is always best. "Let me see what's out there" can easily eat up six hours. Get specific. Have an idea from sites you've seen to give you a target of what you like and what you're looking for. Is it a magazine format? A single page design? What color? How many columns? What do you want the site's focus to be? What should it be able to DO? These factors and more will direct your search for a suitable theme.



Something interesting I've noticed recently is the personal blogs and info sites of scientists I'm following are very plain. As in out-of-the-box black text on white background, two column, no frills plain. Made me wonder if this is a readability or credibility thing. Is "flashy" frowned upon? Takeaway: know your audience. It's not just the owner you have to please, even if it's you: the visitors must also be predisposed to consume the content from the site's theme. My own blog, for instance, is pretty straightforward. It has a custom header image, and I made some font choices to keep it from looking stale. But other than that, it's mostly vanilla. And people use it.



Going to a paid provider like Inkthemes/ThemeForest may well be the right solution. You'll usually get a theme that a dev has put some effort into, since they're making money from it, and will get written Q&A support for a certain period. I have certainly gotten the most enjoyment out of themes I've paid for, and they're usually less than $60. Remember, the investment is a tax write-off since it's an expense.

For blank, customizable themes, the best I've heard of over the years is the Genesis Framework for $60.

Advocate VI Advocate VI
Advocate VI

Re: WordPress themes

As @TheJason said, Genesis is a great blank theme. It's actually a great FAMILY of themes. I use only Genesis themes for all of my sites (and I've built over 200 WordPress sites). 


As he said, steer clear of those "best theme" lists because they are not unbiased. And I'd actually recommend to stay away from free themes altogether. The paid ones have more support, larger discussion forums of users where you can ask questions and get answers, etc.


Genesis (Studio Press is the company that sells Genesis) has an amazing forum and other resources. For example, if you have a login in their system, they have a great mobile-responsive tester that shows you all of the phone/tablet layouts side-by-side. And because Genesis is a platform used by many web pros, there are often blog posts about customizing this-or-that.



Re: WordPress themes

Belatedly, thank you for your detailed reply. I have avoided this task for a month and am now getting back into it.

Helper II

Re: WordPress themes

Does the  layout apply to all pages in theme or just current page do you know?


Velux Theme Availability/Download

I recently set up a new hosting, domain and Wordpress site through Godaddy. I used the Velux theme which is pretty intuitive with a decent layout.


I have 2 other websites on Wordpress and Godaddy through different Godaddy accounts. I have searched the Wordpress themes availability and Velux isn't even an option through those accounts.


I'd like to have all 3 sites on the same template for ease of editing consistency.


Recommendations on how to get the Velux theme download? Any idea why this isn't an option on these accounts but it was an option on the newer account? 


Thank you,


Need help adding Content Down Arrow to Sydney theme

My site is


I purchased the Echo Plugin content down arrow.


I want to insert it into my Sydney header slider...NOT where the button is now, but towards the bottom of the fullscreen image, to let viewers know they need to scroll down.


Can someone tell me how to do this? 


Thank you.


Help With Hero Widget on Theme (GoDaddy Mins Theme)

Need help adding the Get Started hyperlink to the header image using the Hero Widget.  Do you use a text widget and add HTML?


Re: Velux Theme Availability/Download

Hi, I'm having the same problem.  Did you find an answer/solution to this?



Re: Help me find a good WordPress theme

Its pretty easy to find and install it intently from your wordpress dashboard.
Just go to appearance > themes. Then search with keyword 'black'.
Now you can see lots of themes.
Thank you
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