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Change my dns to a shopify domain and lost my website



I had created my e-commerce website on wordpress. And I wanted to test it on shopify but i did the dumbest thing i could. i transfer it and now my website has the basic shopify design and all my pages and access to my wordpress are gone. When i try to log in into wordpress it says my username or email are wrong. I put time and effort and just launched it yesterday. How can i get back my wordpress website ? I don't know what i've to change in the dns settings on GoDaddy to do so. Please help !!


Sounds like the DNS settings need to be reverted.  You could try to contact GoDaddy via telephone to see if they can reset them.  If not, your best bet is going to be an IT firm (such as ASG -  Hopefully the site is still there, just not routing properly!