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500 - Internal Error message using WordPress for my online magazine


I have an online magazine set up using wordpress. Was working just fine, and one day I go to log on and post a new article and the site throws a 500 Internal Server Error. I didn't make any changes or alterations to the site. One day it worked, the next it didn't. Screen shot of error when I try to log on attached. URL is

Any help appreciated.


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Hi, @irratejon. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


500 errors can be caused by a lot of issues, which sometimes makes them difficult to troubleshoot. The first thing to do is figure out a way to see what's causing the error. From the looks of it, your site is hosted on a Windows server. With that type of account, you'll need to disable custom error messaging so the error details can be displayed. If you do that, then you'll have a better idea of how to fix the issue. Take a look at this article for instructions on getting the error details to display.  


Once you do that, if you provide the details of the error here, someone may be able to suggest a way forward. Please update here if you're able to get this fixed so others can benefit from your experience!


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Hi, I am Sampson, am having the same issue here.I have a sub domain which must run a php school management application. I have updated the database and re-configure the .htaccess files but still having Error 500. Is there any help please.

Advocate I



In my experience with CMS a error 500 is mostly cause by two things (sometimes both):


1. Too low PHP version... best would be to upgrade to version 5.6... This can be done in the .htaccess file. If you do not have this here is an explanation on how to do it by GoDaddy:

2. Not enough memory. This can be done by either creating/editing a php5.ini file or editing a user.ini file. Then insert/edit the following line. (It is normally set to 24M or 64M)

memory_limit = 256M

Hope this helps