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Yesterday the price of security was $30. When I went to buy it today, it went up to $500

Yesterday I went to go check the price of security. I couldn't buy it as I had a project to do and I wanted to do research (I am a CS student).


Now it's like a million times what it was yesterday.


This is ridiculous. Can anyone help me transfer domains to a different hosting service? I can't afford that much for something that should be cheap. 


Okay... I just went to check it again and it was $18 with the discount. I bought it. 


What the ****? 

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Super User II

I'm wondering if you were perhaps in an alternative currency @Haez? At any rate, I am happy that you were able to secure your product at what sounds like a great price.


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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No, it was the same currency. Even when I check now on certain domains, the price fluctuates a lot because it's an "estimate"