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Use existing SSL certificate for sub-domains

Assume my website is ''. I have an SSL certificate that is successfully running for '' and ''.

Can I use the same certificate for '' ? But the original certificate didn't mention any wildcard like '*'.


Hi @ahsanse


Thank you for your post. If you own a single standard SSL certificate it will not be sufficient to cover the sub domains as well as the primary. 


To know what type of cert and configuration is needed will depend on server types they are hosted on. 


To get a more definitive answer I recommend calling our support line so that we can have our agent review your hosting setup to advise on the nest configuration of ssl you may need.


For example:

Websites hosted on Managed Wordpress require separate standard SSL's certs for each individual website. 


Wesbite hosted on cPanel hosting would require a wildcard ssl certificate to cover the subdomains.


Please feel free to call out 24/7 support line at any time of your convenience and our agents will be happy to review with you.


Best Wishes!