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SSL certificate deployment support

I have purchased an SSL certificate, and followed the instruction on how to install in on a WEBAPP (Azure), but no chance.

I rang support and they said that they cannot help and I need to reach out to Azure, they can help with the deployment.

My concern is the following: In the documentation, it is mentioned that I needed to install on an IIS first and then export it to a .PFX....but this has been problematic from the start.....The documentation does not fit the objective.

I will never recommend Godaddy to any one.


Resolver III

With IIS you have two main options:

1. generate certificate request (CSR) in IIS -

2. let the CA (goDaddy in your case) to generate CSR as part of the certificate issuance.


In the first case, all you need is to import the new certificate into IIS - it would be a CRT / CER file

in the second case, you need to create a "pfx" file, which you can then import to the Windows/IIS in one operation.




I've worked around (not only) SSL security for over 20 years in enterprises and startups. 

I am now running an HTTPS expiry management service

thank you, but no it did not solve the problem.