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Revoked/re-issued cert REMOVED the SAN domains

This morning you revoked and then re-issued one of our 100-domain UCC SAN certs. I installed the new certificate into the server only to discover that all of the domains have been removed! Those sites were all down for 10 minutes until I figured out what was wrong and restored the revoked certificate. I then had to add each domain back in manually and re-key the certificate yet again.


This was one of the stupidest things GoDaddy has ever done, and my gosh you've done some stupid things in the past.


The same thing happened to us on 6/8/2020.  They also took an extra step and revoked our UCC SAN certificate that was issued over a year ago that was still valid until 8/22/2020.  I was on hold long enough Monday morning that I had already generated and installed certificates from before they picked up the phone.