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New "certificate lifetime" rules.

Apple and other browser vendors (Chrome and Firefox so far) have decreed that the maximum validity period for SSL certificates will be 398 days starting on Sept 1st 2020.


See (for example):


We have  GD certificate that is about to renew, should I change it from "2 years" renewal to "1 year" or are GD going to change this anytime soon?


What about existing certificates that will have more than 398 days to run on 1st Sept? I guess a "re-key" will be neccessary?




Hello @DaveHillDL and thank you for being a part of the Community!


I do apologize for the delayed response. You can choose to lock in the price at two years now and rekey your certificate or GoDaddy does offer a Managed SSL service where your website's SSL is installed and maintained on your behalf.


If you choose to have GoDaddy take over installing and maintaining your SSL, please reach out to Support for further assistance. Again I apologize for the delayed response and hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend 😎.


GoDaddy Support is available 24/7 via phone or chat!

Hi @SG4101 


This has now auto-renewed for two years, but when I look at the generated certificate, it is valid for the full two years, not for the newly mandated maximum of 398 days:


Not Before: Jul 22 19:57:50 2020 GMT
Not After : Sep 20 14:22:23 2022 GMT


So I expect it to fail when the rules are changed because it will still have more than 398 days to run.


Dave Hill

Hello again @DaveHillDL !


I dug deeper into researching to help better answer this for you and I have found your answer along with good news.


The new SSL certificate changes impacting web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and FireFox will take effect on September 1st, 2020. Any 2 year certificate purchased before 09/01/2020 will still be recognized, only certificates purchased after that date will be impacted. 


Your certificate was renewed before September 1st and it will be valid for two years.


There are other options if you have any other SSL's coming up for renewal after September 1st which include:

  • Hosting that includes an SSL
  • Website Security Ultimate
  • Managed SSL Service (never have to worry about installing and updating)

If you have other SSL's coming up for renewal after September 1st and want to utilize the options mentioned. please reach out to GoDaddy Support for an account review to choose the best option for your needs. I hope this response answered your question and cleared up any confusion related, have a great weekend 😁.