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Need more Support on SSL query with invalid information



I am using this platform to report how horrible and irresponsible Go Daddy support team is. 


1. I called on the 27th of Jan 2020 and spoke with a technical person, I requested information regarding a SSL Cert and he provided the information, I requested him to check with someone to be sure. He placed me on hold came back and mentioned he checked with a Sr resource and it is support. 


I buy the certificate today after a 2 weeks approval process in my company and guess what it is not supported any more. I called again and spoke to a different engineer and he mentioned Oh it is not supported. 


They didn't just waste my time but also created a trust issue with my management. I am so disappointed. we wanted to move our certs to Go Daddy but i am pretty sure it is never going to happen.  

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We are end users like you - so we can only listen to your vent / reporting.


Can you provide any additional details about what is / isn't supported with SSL Certificates that you were looking for.


The SSL certificates I've worked with are all for apache - so it was a CSR Request / Download / Install. I know there are code signing certificates and some others, so if you can provide any additional information that would be great for others reading this post.

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Go Daddy sold you  something that wouldn't work.   I feel for you. Go Daddy has techs that are focused on sales to the point that they are not truthful.  In my limited time with them I have gotten screwed over twice. It resulted in my site getting blocked from customers because they didn't put my new SLS certificate behind a firewall like they were supposed to.