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MFA on Office 365 enabled without user setup/consent - Locked out of Email

While traveling on Business last month, I checked my email through the web portal. I entered my username and password and was then prompted to Authenticate. I thought maybe this was because I logged in from another country. When I called customer service they reassured me of the same but weren’t able to help me configure Microsoft Authenticator. He told me the reason for the prompt was due to security issues Godaddy was facing. Out of time to problem solve for myself,I left the issue and returned home from the trip. 

Once home I used outlook on my desktop without issue. 5 days ago, I also became locked out of the desktop with the same office 365 prompt for MFA. I tried through various ways of logging in (via my profile on Godaddy, private browser with 365, etc.) but no luck.


The main problem is because I did not enable MFA there is no way to setup the Authenticator as to do so you have to login to the admin of the email ID and again the MFA request comes up. Have spoken to many customer support teams at Godaddy and Microsoft over the last week but no solution has been made in the last 96 working hours having raised several tickets and countless hours on the phone and via chat and email. I’ve been without email access during this time. The problem is highlighted in the below screenshots.


Step 1 - Screenshot.jpgStep 2 - Screenshot.jpgStep 3 - Screenshot.jpgStep 4 - Screenshot.jpgStep 5 - Screenshot.jpg